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How Can Ergonomic Adjustments Help You?

Written by Paul R.

Some simply ergonomic adjustments can go a long ways towards helping you work and live more comfortably. One of these will be to change the ergonomic set up of your work and home. If your place of work is an office, pay close attention to the set up of your desk and workstation. Simple changes to the height of a chair or the position of a keyboard can help to reduce joint discomfort. Take frequent breaks and move around.

In the home, assess the ergonomics of chairs, beds, and other places where you spend significant time. If your work requires physical activity, consider these initiatives:

  • Buy kneeling pads if your work means you have to be on your knees for extended periods.
  • Learn to lift heavy items correctly—to reduce pressure on hips, backs, and knees.
  • Avoid carrying heavy loads. Learn the techniques for moving large and heavy items.
  • Rest frequently and take regular breaks.
  • Identify regular actions that can cause joint discomfort and find a way to reduce these actions.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Ask your employer to help with ergonomic changes.

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Paul R.

North Carolina