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It’s Baaaack! Cold Season is Here

Written by Paul R.

Every year around this time, people try to remember what cooler air feels like. Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate and they get stuck in a weird transition period that invites all manner of viruses and bugs to take hold until … Bingo, you’re sick with a cold!

Before we go any further, there is no scientific evidence to support that being cold leads to catching colds or the flu. They’re both caused by viruses that just seem to be more prevalent during cold weather. Keeping those hands washed along with sleep, a balanced diet that includes natural foods and supplements could boost your immune system to help you fight.

Here are some remedies to consider the next time you’re feeling under the weather:

  • Hong Kong – Lizard Soup: popular cure for the common cold akin to chicken noodle
  • Iran – Turnips: acts as an expectorant
  • Japan – Pickled Plum: used to prevent and heal colds
  • The Netherlands & Northern Germany – Salty Licorice: used as a cough remedy
  • Australia – Eucalyptus Oil: used to fight cough, fever, and headaches due to cold & flu
  • Russia – Hot Water and Dry Mustard: foot soak used presumably to sweat the cold out
  • India – Ginger Tulsi: used for medicinal remedies for 5000 years
  • China – Ai Ye: dried leaves are burned to prevent germs from spreading
  • Finland – Hot Black Currant Juice: used to treat colds & flu

Work hard. Play hard. Take the time to reset. It’s important not to overwork your system or let stress overwhelm you. A little self-care goes a long way to curing what ails you. Or you could always try one of those remedies we mentioned …

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North Carolina